Sunday, August 14, 2005

A tip for how not to feel like an idiot.

If you have any kind of evidence that you were ever under the age of 18, don't go looking at it.

For example, I have on one of my hard drives several versions of several websites I created and maintained while I was in high school. I should not have done that. I should definitely not have kept them. And I should especially not be looking at them now, because wow, that's depressing.

Also, I liked crap. And I used smileys to excess. And quoted lyrics ALL THE TIME (okay, so that's not changed too much, but it should have).

I may be a dork now, but I was dork^n back then.

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Julie said...

I use smileys to excess, even now. But I think the risk of looking silly is much better than people misunderstanding you (when you make a joke and such). An online community that I am a mentor for even encourages the use.

ps- :)