Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hooray for America.

I voted on a bunch of crap I honestly didn't care about and a handful of things I did. I voted mostly Dem, one Republican (insurance commissioner), and one Peace and Freedom party or whatever (I hate the Governator, but I'm no fan of Angelides--why the fuck can't the Dems get their shit together and run people I am not so loathe to vote for that I vote third party?). I voted against pretty much all the propositions and for some bond measures. (How the fuck does the parental notification for minor's abortion keep ending up on the ballot? Easiest "no" ever.)

Though I'm registered as a permanent absentee voter and never actually got confirmation that my address was changed (I should be within all the same precints, however), I voted at my local polling place, which happens to be two doors down from me in a neighbor's living room. I never received my absentee ballot or a paper voter's guide, anyway. They started out the day with four machines, but were down to three when we arrived at 7 p.m. and were running out of paper (some kind of stopgap solution to the paperless ballot/Diebold problem, I suppose) in one or two more. The line was crawling. One of the election officials (who might also be one of said neighbors) said we could vote on the sample ballots. All the voter guides with sample ballots they had available were of the bilingual persuasion, and they ran out of "official" envelopes.

So my vote was cast on a Vietnamese ballot and shoved into a blank envelope marked "provisional" in ballpoint pen by another election official.

Anyway, fuck this useless shit, I'm going to flop on the couch and watch the CW all night.

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Julie said...

That's crazy!

Hooray for absentee ballots that actually arrive!