Thursday, November 09, 2006

Now there are only three things obviously wrong with my car.

The scrapey brakes and desperately-needing-changing oil problems have been eliminated from the competition. Hooray for these dudes. It wasn't quite as painful on my pocketbook as I'd anticipated, either, which was a bonus.

Now what is left, in order of priority to fix it:

1. New tires (dude said "before it gets rainy") on a budget of less than $300.

2. Replace right side view mirror that I awesomely smashed off in my old apartment parking spot, which supposedly costs something like $200 to fix at a dealer, and bleh.

3. Fix dents and scraping in left rear doors from another parking incident, circa 2002. This one had an estimated repair cost of around $1,200 at the time; might be worse now, who the hell knows. All I know is this has absolutely zero effect on my driving and thus is an extremely low priority. As in, it may never get fixed.

Other things in the coming months I will be spending money on:

Thanksgiving -- food and possibly some decoration/table setting business. We have plates, but the ones that match with a total of 8 (at least, I hope) are plain white Corelle, which bores me to tears. Blue plates? Something pretty? Who me, spend money on useless crap?

Christmas/birthdays -- you know, presents. I don't actually buy for a large number of people, but I want to get nice things. I don't even know what to give people this year.

Shoes -- assuming my fucking ankle heals properly, I need better walking shoes so I can continue with the walking thing. Good shoes aren't really cheap, and I might end up going through multiple pairs in the search for perfection. Phooey.

Anyway, listmania is now over, because my wallet is crying and I have to go comfort it. Also because I am hungry.

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