Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quick! Make my situation more difficult!

Fortunately not DISASTROUS, but more difficult all the same.

We've been given notice that our landlord is terminating our tenancy. We have just under two months to find a new place to live (no reason given), and we're looking everywhere from Palo Alto to Santa Cruz. The differences between Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz are striking, but they seem to be equally possible.

Silicon Valley would mean access to the same job market I've been searching in all this time. It's a much bigger pool than Santa Cruz. There is also, of course, the benefit of being a freeway trip away from almost anything we need. Plus, all my California friends who aren't Kevin's relatives live on this side of the hill.

Santa Cruz would be nice because we both love Santa Cruz. There's a natural chef program down there I'm interested in and it's a great place for the kind of veg-friendly green living we want. Kevin hopes to buy a house there eventually, and maybe now is the time.

The downside of Silicon Valley is that it isn't pretty and it's hard to be far from the freeway, which is what Kevin wants. For Santa Cruz, while it isn't really that far from San Jose, the Highway 17 commute is a killer, so my job opportunities would be pretty limited.

Either way, moving bites, and I'm not looking forward to it. I love this house (though Kevin doesn't love the location) and we're probably not going to find something ideal for both of us.

All these unknowns leaves me with a near-constant state of anxiety and a mild case of Craigslist fatigue.


Christine said...

moving on top of it all! Wow. And I totally understand Craigslist fatigue.

Keep us posted.

Tracy said...

Doh, hopefully it will mean great new opportunities for you guys. Good luck!

That natural chef program sounds neat. :c)

emily said...

Tracy, the natural chef program sounds like a dream. I am hoping to make it in for the fall term (sending my application this week). I'll post links when I get in. ;)