Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Anyone for a show or three?

And by "anyone," I obviously must mean the exactly two people from the Bay Area who read this. But if anyone else is interested, hey, new friends are good.

Friday, March 11: IQU @ Cafe du Nord

Quirky Olympia-now-Seattle-based dance-y indie pop. When I saw them before, the guy was playing a guitar, a theremin, and a turntable, and occasionally using the guitar neck to manipulate the thermin while he used his other hand to scratch. Also, there is a girl who does things with keyboards and such. They are neat.

Monday, March 14: Joseph Arthur @ Cafe du Nord

Kevin is interested in this one, but from what I heard, it didn't make me want to fall asleep or die. However, Monday shows that begin at 9:30 are problematic.

Wednesday, March 23: Decemberists @ Bimbo's 365

Already have my tickets, baby! And so does one of the people who read this. The other one wants to come. But for the sake of completeness, here it is.

Tuesday, May 3: Sloan @ Slim's

My sister says the sound at this club sucks, or so it did when she saw the Gossip there, but you know what? Sloan. Fuck it. Damn you, Canada.

Tuesday/Wednesday, May 17-18: The Books @ Cafe du Nord

None of y'all will have even heard this band, I bet. But I swear to you they are interesting, and I have no freakin' idea how they can do a live show besides maybe a laptop, but if it's not as interesting as the record, I will be sad.

Friday, May 20: Mike Doughty @ Cafe du Nord

Is it not cool to like the guy from Soul Coughing anymore? I think he's handy with an acoustic guitar alone, and that by itself merits a ticket for me. And for my sister, who will finally be 21 and able to come along.

I keep hoping I'll see something in April I want to spend money on, but it hasn't happened yet. Oh well, I'll have a busy May, at least.

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Malavagma said...

I would like to expand my musical horizons, but now that I have a evening job (ugh), that may limit my ability to go to shows.