Thursday, March 10, 2005

A productive 8:09 to 8:28 a.m.

Or at least one in which a lot of money was spent on (hopefully) worthwhile things.

I ordered this pair of hiking boots after checking, totally by chance, to see what was up with the models I'd bookmarked awhile ago. And wouldn't you know it, they were on sale. So, bye, money.

Then I headed over to to find a daypack with (1) sternum straps, because they help if you're booby, and (2) two side pockets for waterbottles. I found it acceptable price, and sprung for a 32-oz. Nalgene bottle (my other 32-oz. bottle is a crappy Eddie Bauer, but it ain't broke). I told the site I wanted to pick up my order from a store rather than pay shipping. Pfft! Shipping. It can't cost $6 in gas to get to Fremont in a '99 Civic. Well, maybe if gas prices go up just a little more...

In the midst of this hopeful outdoorsy shopping spree, my mom messaged me to say her Southwest Airlines "Ding" application brought up some do-or-die, today-only, super special deal between San Jose and Seattle, $52 each way, which she was able to book for me to go home Memorial Day weekend. Yay!

The rest of the day was pretty blah, since I was cooped up inside for most of it and sweating profusely anyway. Dude, I am not gonna like being here most of the year. It's already too fucking hot, and it's early March. I need to find clothes that look less slovenly for work and also aren't going to make me DIE.

OK, it wasn't quite DYING proportions today, but I can't imagine it will get much better, right? Heat = bad. Radio weather reports saying nothin' but 80' and sunny is "great weather" = stupid. Temperatures that knock me on my ass and ensure I won't do anything physical, ever = awful. See? Why did I leave the Pacific Northwest? We have like three of these days all year.

Speaking of things that are bright and blinding as the sun, what the fuck is up with those xeon headlights or whatever that are almost purple and make cars look like their driver saw no distinction between regular headlights and high beams? Californians are trying to get me killed, I'm telling you.

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