Friday, March 25, 2005

Things which are good or at least not terrible.

Things which have happened this week. Things which may be HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. Things you may not even know about.



Dude, the Decemberists were fuckin' great. Also, all their shit got stolen in Portland just days before, so if you are into them, try to pick up a legit copy of the new record. Or go see a show. Anyway.

So I went up to SF Wednesday night with Jessica. We were both dead fucking tired, but the show? Was totally worth it. The trip to Bimbo's was in three parts: Drive to Bayfair Mall, BART to Embarcadero, hoof it to North Beach. Our timing was impeccable, as we arrived around 9 p.m. and the Decemberists were on stage within 20 minutes. The show let out a little after 11, leaving us just enough time to make it back downtown to catch the last train to the East Bay. Also, Jessica paid me back for the ticket by buying me their new CD, which rocks, but more on that in a minute.

It's a rare show that features a lot of new music from a band I already really like that makes me really want to hear it all again. Usually, I'm interested in a couple songs and bored by the rest. I dug pretty much *all* the songs I didn't already know, and most of them were on the new CD. The performances were over the top. They really nailed it, and with brand-new instruments, too (see: shit was stolen). Totally satisfying, and of course, they played many of my favorite old songs, like "Grace Cathedral Hill." Because how could they play San Francisco without playing that goddamn song? Really.

Okay, other things. Kevin and I braved the astonishingly strange weather last Sunday afternoon to walk around the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. We got sopping wet and our boots were caked with mud. It was pretty nice, but the weather was nuts. When we got home, I saw on the news that a freaking TORNADO touched down that same afternoon just across the Bay, if that gives you an idea of the insanity.

Mostly, though, this week has been a work week. Someone cool is leaving, some new people are coming in, and I got thrust into an interview looking slovenly and having just gulped down 32 oz. of water, which was, needless to say, a very bad idea. Half the office left today before noon, if they were there at all, and I was home by 3. Ridiculous. The last time I got time off for Good Friday was when I was attending Catholic school.

Our internet connection has been spasming every evening all week, which is annoying as hell and making us consider switching to DSL. And, um, cable is now motherfucking $60 a month? Huh? Speakeasy OneLink is practically *cheaper,* and definitely less evil.

We need to cut out lawn. It is a jungle. Also, the front yard smells excessively floral, and the neighbor's cat, who likes to hang out under my bushes, is scared of me.

Nothing else is going on. I would like there to be, but I can't have everything just for the wishing.

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