Saturday, March 19, 2005

Commercials I hate.

Besides all of them. There are a few I actually like, but this post is not about those.

#1 offender: Carl's Jr. ads. Namely the one with the cgi fetus threatening to rip out part of his mother's womb "on the way out" if she eats more jalapenos. I know I'm not in their target demo, but...I just want it off my TV. So gross.

The Lay's "get your smile on" ads. With the kid who won't smile for a Sears fucking portrait until his worried parents nervously pull out a bag of potato chips, at which he cries, "Cheese!" Because, why smile if your WASPy parents aren't bribing you with disgusting salt and fat-laden empty calories? Get your smile on my ASS, bitches.

Commercials for local mainstream radio stations. Lately, the ad for a new popular country station, "The Bear," has been driving me absolutely insane. They keep playing clips of awful, catchy songs, and the goddamn MIX gets STUCK IN MY HEAD. AAAAAGGGHH.

McDonald's and Wal-Mart. Mainly on principle, but also because they promote perverted American corporate ideals that sicken my heart.

That Ford Focus commercial with the girl who's smugly discussing her new car and acts all indignant when her friend states that he was considering a Civic. Yeah, because buying a car that's reliable and has a decent resale value is just retarded. But her Ford Focus came with a moon roof and an MP3 player! And an "environmentally friendly" engine, whatever that means! And you can't get all that in a Civic! Just shut up, bitch.

Yeah, okay, just for fun? I like the Geico "Tiny House" commercial. There, I feel better.

"This is NOT awesome."

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Malavagma said...

When I first saw that fetus commercial, I clung to my friend (and he to I) in fear and disgust. WTF were they thinking!?!?

Get your smile on my ASS, bitches.