Sunday, May 08, 2005

It's no fun reading fortune cookies to yourself.

Points to whoever knows the song.

Yesterday I had a henna experience. Henna is a much more awkward dye experience than, say, Manic Panic, and the results are more subtle. I tried to follow the Lush instructions to the letter, but I think I only tinted my hair a shade darker. It's treading chocolate territory, though I doubt anyone but me will notice.

For an hour and a half, my head was caked in what looked and felt like green mud and enveloped with sheets of cling film. It was squishy to the touch. The first rinse took awhile, and my hair was impossible to comb afterwards. The waxiness was so thick, I could barely style it into something less anime-freak and more just-having-a-bad-hair-day-greasy. But I let it stay that way for a few hours to see the full effect of the henna.

Three hours later, I was desperate to fix it, so I shampooed it. The waxiness was a little better, but not 100%, so a few hours after that, I applied probably 4 times the amount of shampoo I would normally use and let it sit for a minute before rinsing it out. The texture was fine and the color was somewhat apparent still, so I'm calling it good.

It's true I have no patience for things that are aesthetically displeasing.

The henna seemed only to stain the soap scum in my bathroom, which just highlighted the need to scrub it all down with Bon Ami. Which I did today, because Kevin would probably freak out if I didn't.

He's visiting his mom and sort of implied a desire to go alone because he doesn't go to see his family much without me anymore. When I pointed out that the last time he actually visited his mom--Christmas--I was in Oregon, he replied, "Hmm." We've seen his dad a few times, but not his mom. I can appreciate the desire to want to spend time without chatty ol' me, since he's quiet and tends to let me monopolize the conversation (I like both his parents, and we can talk about a lot of things that he doesn't care about). I only felt bad because I've been trying to get him to go to Santa Cruz for months, and he hasn't wanted to, and now that he has gone, he didn't want me to go. I just hope this doesn't make it look like I'm the reticent one.

Anyway, I really need to make some damn friends. Doing nothing with my free time is starting to wear me down.

This week's rentals: Home Movies: Season 1, disc 1, which totally rules; The Yes Men, a documentary about lefties who pretended to be WTO members and were responsible for the long-deceased WTO parody site; and Two-Way Stretch, an old Peter Sellers movie that was Kevin's selection and I probably won't watch.


Paul said...

Home movies? That show sucks. Hard.

emily said...

you are way off base, young man.

Anonymous said...

we used different preparations of henna, i think. i used the dry herb. added hot water and egg.
smelled like cow pats and was horrid to rinse out.
never waxy, though.

emily said...

yeah, this was from lush, and it came in something like a bar of soap with some "natural" additives that smelled better than cow pies. :) it wasn't much worse than normal dye to rinse out, even with the grainy things, though it didn't dye my skin.

JS Bangs said...

Yes, Paul, you need to get yourself educated. Home Movies is wonderful. Very, very wonderful.

Emily, you should adjust to pixels for your hair in your little icon to match your new hair :).

emily said...

haha. don't be too hard on him, jesse, he's only still in high school. ;)

i'll get a photo at some point. the icon is too monochromatic to capture the hair color.

Paul said...

Pfft. Give me ATHF or Sealab 2021 any day.

emily said...

i won't debate the laugh power of ATHF and sealab (um, and space ghost, hi?), but i will point out that they are a different format (15-minute) and have a totally different storytelling technique and sense of humor. home movies is more like a sitcom in its storytelling, and a good one at that.

Malavagma said...

Who are you Paul!? Home Movies kicks so much ass. So. Much. Ass.

<3 Brendan Smalls

emily said...

hahah. he's my baby brother! 17 and full of piss and vinegar and WRONG. ;)

Malavagma said...

Oh man, kids these days. Don't hurt me, Paul! (I'm sure he's bigger than I am.)