Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Oh, fuck. Summer in California means heat.

I don't like it one tiny bit. Hey, Seattle, think you can arrange temperatures below 80 degrees for me this weekend? That would rock.

This weekend, I had some movies. Kevin and I watched Kinsey together, which we both enjoyed, mainly due to the interesting subject matter. Unfortunately for me, the narrative structure was pretty much a predictable biopic with weak dialogue and character development, but the content and the acting mostly rose above it to make a nice movie.

Also, I watched The Pillow Book. I'm actually not sure why I thought I wanted to see that, but I have very mixed feelings about it, post-viewing. It was visually interesting--occasionally exciting, even, mainly due to a really hot young Ewan McGregor--but also gross in at least one particular spot, not to mention convoluted and boring. So I didn't really care for the movie, but Ewan McGregor gets four stars. Until he dies. Then, ew.

My side yard gave me a bit of a workout Sunday, because I cleared out some of the weeds and planted squash seedlings and green beans and pea pods. Yay. They are all going to die.

In other news of the stupid fucking yard, Kevin received a call from our landlord yesterday that the neighbors finally filed a complaint, and we had to, you know, trim the lawn. So he bought a weedwhacker and gave it a haircut. It's enough that the neighbors can shove it. I hate lawns. What a pointless thing.

We also trekked to Santa Cruz Sunday night, just for fun. There was forest romping, beach sitting, Charlie Hong Kong eating, and Kevin's mom visiting.

I will be in the PacNW this weekend, dividing my time between Seattle and Seaside, most likely. Hope to see some of you around.

The last show of the regular TV season that I care about is about to begin, so I am going to turn my attention away.


Julie said...

I like to say that I don't believe in lawns...but I had to ammend that to say that I don't believe in front lawns. I do occassionally enjoy a nice backyard lawn (with good drainage) that allows one to lay in splendor. But otherwise they shouldn't exist.

Jessica said...

Hee hee, sorry I'm laughing, but your yard is (was?) a mess!

You got me at "a really hot young Ewan McGregor."

emily said...

julie, you have a point on the back lawns--but neighbors don't see those, and therefore can't get het up to the point of calling the city/landlord on our asses about the back lawn.

and jess, no one is denying that it was superbad. it still looks crappy, but it's a short crappy. we are just not the kind of people who take pride in these things. i also never make my bed unless i've just washed the sheets. i'm just that kind of lazy.

tracy said...

kudos for getting through that movie.. maybe I tried to watch it at the wrong time but I got through about ten minutes and had to shut it off I was bored out of my skull ;cP I did get it for Ewan McGregor and his films had never led me astray before but I couldn't even give it a chance. I wish we had some CA heat :c) AZ heat is trying to kill us all.

Jana said...

I believe I can arrange that below 80 degrees thing you wanted... it's supposed to be rainy/cloudy all weekend. :P