Wednesday, May 18, 2005


That is, when the shows all go into reruns, the bad reality TV crops up, and the summer concert season is upon us. A great time to be alive, basically.

Aside from most assuredly seeing the Gossip for a 6th (or 7th?) time next Thursday, I just learned that the Mountain Goats are playing Bottom of the Hill two nights in late June, which I am so down for it isn't funny. Even if no one will go with me.

A handful of Bumbershoot acts have been announced, including Devo, Son Volt, Digable Planets, and the Decemberists, so that's not a bad showing. Full lineup in mid-June, I guess, so I can decide how much of it I need to pay for then. But I'll start hunting for good fares into Seattle Labor Day weekend and possibly take off that Friday.

I don't know how I managed to avoid this for so long, but I finally obtained and listened to a full Dinosaur Jr. record. Wow, that is some happy shit. I mean, it made me happy, not that it sounds cheerful or anything. The new Mountain Goats is also lovely.

Someone will come with, right?


aja said...

i would go with you..if i wasn't poor and my life didn't fucking suck.

Jana said...

Come with to where? Bumbershoot? of course! I'll be there all 4 days, as usual. :P

Thomas said...

Check out what Bill Maher has to say about reality TV.

emily said...

Hey Thomas, link? I don't generally go poking around for Bill Maher's opinions, but if you lead the way, I'll take a look.

Don't take my flip remark about "bad summer reality TV" as blanket disregard of the genre, anyway. It's a love-hate relationship, mostly hate, but definite cultural interest.

Anonymous said...

i talked to mom.
she hadn't listened to the whole thing about the beach. she'll be leavng for a different trip that day.
so i can go, but she can't.


aron said...

I would go with you too! Unfortunately I’m going alone on Tuesday the 28th @ the modified so I’m in the same boat as you.