Thursday, May 12, 2005

Our fabulous prizes.

I need to get out of here. A little mini-vacation is appearing very necessary, very soon.

And don't get me wrong, Washington people, but visiting in a few weeks won't be a vacation. It will be a lot of shuttling around and seeing as many people as possible. It will be a lot of transient face time and happy smiles and nice-to-see-yous. Not to sound unappreciative, because I do love you. Better than a family reunion, but not a vacation.

There is an unrelenting march of the increasingly familiar that drags from day to day until I just want to cry. The same stretch of highway filled with cars and drivers of dubious ability; a front lawn growing taller and taller; a mailbox full of advertising and things addressed to previous tenants. An office where I itch to spill red, purple, or green ink and log my time, just to justify my existence and meager paycheck.

I'm getting good at mediocrity, and there's no end in sight. I watch endless hours of TV, and I don't even get cable. I don't know where to go from here or when to start leaving.


aja said...

"I don't know where to go from here or when to start leaving." yes.

i wish we could go out and get a beer. or coffee! something.

Chris said...

I am coming for a West Coast oddessey in June. Would you like to join me for the last leg of the trip? I am thinking about driving to LA and then on to Yuma.

emily said...

my mom is gonna be driving through here in june, too, so the timing might not work. plus, i could only take off maybe two days of work (unpaid) and not drown. but we can discuss, because that sounds like fun.

otherwise, we are definitely going to san diego in september. something sooner would be nice, though. argh.

aja said...


It sucks here in June, but fuck I'd love some visitors. :D

Julie said...

That was me a little more than a year ago, after driving across the bridge for 3 months I nearly had a nervous breakdown. Hence my prep for grad school, even if it took some time coming. I may end up being in academia for life.
Not to scare you or anything.