Sunday, April 20, 2008

I have a computer in my room!

And it's even talking to the internet and not crashing!

It's Kevin's old laptop and it's living on an old slab of particleboard resting on a keyboard stand he's not using. I got it a mouse because I hate using the touch pad. Really, I hate using the laptop keyboard, but it's more awkward to set things up with a separate keyboard and screen and... well, whatever. I have a mouse attached to a laptop that's running Ubuntu.

I can watch my TV and attempt to be productive at the same time. Amazing.

There's this thing I'm doing right now where I'm paying a guy to help me learn how to figure out what I want in life and how to speak and write so as to properly convey that, as well as what else I might do to bring that about in case I currently lack the necessary skills. Thanks to his already helpful input, I am working on revamping my resume, putting together the building blocks of answers to those seemingly innocuous interview questions I currently answer with too much hemming and hawing, and making a list of people I want to talk to -- once I learn how to have conversations the right way, of course.

Another project I've got in mind is to start food blogging a lot more in this space. It will involve photos, especially now that it's easy for me to, say, attach my camera to the computer I'm using without hitting my head on a desk wedged against a wall and surrounded by crap. My bedroom is practically neat and organized! It's easy to find USB on a laptop!

Yet another project is that I think I'll work on a digital media/graphic design for the web certificate, starting this summer. Community colleges are affordable; who knew?

Okay, everyone.

More later, if I can stand the infectious joy that comes with being able to switch my gaze quickly between two screens.

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