Saturday, April 26, 2008

Reframing thoughts.

As some of you know, I am seeing a career coach. It's something my mom suggested after reading my last legitimately whiny blog entry and even gave me money to pay for the sessions, since that shit isn't cheap and I'm kind of broke.

You know what, though? It's totally worth it. Not only am I making my resume a kabillion times better, I'm actually figuring out what the hell I did at my last job, what I think I was good at, and how I can put that in words to effectively market myself when I do get interviews. Maybe even actually get the job, which is the whole point, really. I am also learning how to network, which is not a skill innate to me. These things all go together.

Moreover, I am changing myself from a person who just really hated her old job to someone who actually knows how to do stuff. I have more confidence, and with a little prodding, I will be able to competently express it to the ends of hearing those charming little words, "We'd like to offer you a position."


Christine said...

This sounds more confident and hopeful than I've heard in a long time... from anyone! I'd love to hear more about the career coach. How many sessions did you have?

emily said...

So far, we've only met twice for a total of three hours, and I've paid for three more hour-long sessions. Still need to work on interviewing skills and, if we have time, salary negotiation tactics (!).