Thursday, April 29, 2004

'How to Grow Up'

I wanted to make the zine thing its own post, so here it goes.

I really want your contributions. If you have anything, ever, please pass it along.

Some ideas include:
  • Comics/cartoons
  • Letters exchanged between friends (either made-up, paraphrased, or copied verbatim--please make sure I can obtain permission from all parties, though)
  • Photos of people doing goofy things
  • Imagined, paraphrased, or dictated dialogues
  • Photos of inanimate objects that are goofy
  • Doodles from your class notes that are exceptionally odd
  • "One time, when I was..."-type stories
  • Tales of the Terror that is doing Weird Grown-Up Things for the first time, like a job interview, or even something more mundane
  • Reviews of albums, movies, etc. that have personal meaning to you
EVERYONE I KNOW is capable of submitting at LEAST one of the above. So PLEASE DO.

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