Saturday, April 10, 2004

Thinking, Thinking

The weather has turned spring-like here in the great Pacific Northwest, and no one I know is complaining about it. We've plenty else to complain about, to be sure, but not the weather.

I swear to god I've had things to talk about the past few days, but wasn't really at a place to blog about them--and now that I've got all the time in the world to blog my brains out, I've got nothin'. What bullshit.

My computer is evidently working. Yay. I don't have powered speakers unless I plug it into my ancient, power-sucking stereo, though, so that doesn't make me happy. And when I do that, xmms (linux sound player) gets angry and won't do anything and I am too ennnggh to do anything about it. Also, at present, my power supply and heat sink don't fit in my case at the same time. So the insides of my computer are a major crumb-magnet. Always a good thing!

My boss made the mistake of introducing me to the LA Times Online crossword puzzles, so that's a huge time-suck at work. It doesn't work at home because the x-java-vm shit is confusing and I can't figure it out. The Seattle Times decided that giving me the paper for free wasn't working for them anymore, so I don't have a hard copy, except for the Daily and its grainy-but-still-really-hard New York Times crossword on weekdays. Chris's Christian Science Monitor apparently has a weekly (very easy) crossword, but I feel bad stealing his paper unless it's been abandoned on the dining table all week.

I am the biggest dork in the universe for so avidly seeking out motherfucking crosswords like this, for serious. Like I don't have anything better to do.

School is good. I honestly feel excited about my two classes. I've applied to graduate, which took all of a minute in each advising session. My psych adviser took the opportunity to harass me about going to the Career Center and Career Fairs and blah. I should get my resume fixed up all purty, yes, but I have looked at the Career Fair. It's big corporate or government stuff for which I have no interest or qualification. So it was smile-and-nod time.

I still don't know what I'm going to do when I'm done. I guess I better get cracking on that.

Yesterday my Digital Journalism workshop was about shooting. With video cameras. While returning heat sinks at Fry's last night, I checked out a camera that seemed like the equivalent of the newer one we get to use and it was about $3,000. And extremely cool. It's a high-quality miniDV Sony PD170. It does a lot of stuff.

Let's see, what else. Not that much going on. This week's rentals included a Frontline documentary about Islam in the 21st century (useful for my group project), The Ben Stiller Show, and Kurt and Courtney, which sucked. I read a dopey piece of chicklit entitled Good In Bed, bought at a thrift store, as well as the new issue of Bitch.

And I am addicted to the fruit-flavored Xylichew gum that is evilly expensive but great because it isn't sweetened with aspartame, nor does it make my teeth feel like rot. And dammit, I need gum, or I will bite my nails constantly. Or snack. I just don't need that.

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