Thursday, April 29, 2004

I Am Angry

Every time I sit down and read the news, I think I need to stop reading the news because it never fails to infuriate me.

At the risk of sounding just as partisan as those on the Right who rant and rave about all the stupid shit Liberals say and linking to notoriously lefty sources, here's a short list:

I'm angry about Help America Vote and black people who get erroneously branded as felons.

I'm angry about TV station-owning corporations that think the news from Iraq needs to be a little more cheery.

I'm angry about angry liberals who make us all sound like jackasses.

I'm angry about Bush's basically worthless testimony before the 9/11 panel.

I'm angry that John Kerry is my best choice for president this coming election.

I'm angry that art is getting kids in trouble.

I'm angry that due process is disappearing at GWB's whim.

And that's just 10 minutes of trying to remember everything I read that made me angry today.

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