Monday, April 19, 2004

Movies and Such

Saw Kill Bill Vol. 2 over the weekend. Walked out of the theater feeling a little dazed. That pair of movies is what makes going to see movies worth it for me. Just great stuff. I'd never argue it's the best movie ever made or be offended if someone else disliked it, but I sure enjoyed myself. Hurrah.

Also rented The Triplets of Belleville on PAL DVD. Yay for cheap region-free players! The movie was lovely--see it if you haven't, or wait for the Region 1 to come out--and Kevin tells me it's his favorite movie of the year. Big words from someone who usually whines when I want to watch a damn movie.

In other matters, a prof from my department spoke to my class today about his latest hippie to-do: The September Project. They're trying to organize events at every public library in the country on Sept. 11 to... they're not really clear, but create some kind of civic engagement and discussion of issues among citizens. Seems like a noble, if ambiguous, goal, one I'll rightly support. There's nothing like the energy of 30,000 people gathered in earnest for... something. There was a lot more discussion than that, but I don't feel like blathering about it right now. Maybe some other time, especially if I decide to get involved. Which I might.

Nothing much else going on, I don't think. I finished the New York Times crossword today and that made me get the them to Happy Days stuck in my head. I saw some weird, half-erased grafitti in the restroom--it read, in sloppy red letters: "I want some fucking juce (sic) right now." No idea.

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