Monday, November 07, 2005

Because I said I would.

Here is a photo of me dressed as a bunny.

emily is a bunny

And here is a close-up of the sticky note that provided the inspiration for my costume.

my coworker says this is a picture of me

Thank you and good day.


Paul Cannon said...

I can't see how that won't end up on Something Awful.

Julie said...

those are much cooler bunny ears than what I had imagined. Woo!

emily said...

thanks! i thought they were all right, myself. very plush and black and hilarious.

and paul, there are far better photos of people making idiots of themselves on the internet.

Jana said...

Em, this is priceless! The best photo I've seen of a friend in a long time. Speaking of photos, we have our new ones up from the last Seaside trip. Go check out tommusic on Flickr!