Friday, November 11, 2005

While the dust settles.

It's been a very long, emotional, productive, exhausting, interesting week. Kevin has been going through the stages of grief and appears to have reached acceptance quickly, which is wonderful because now we're getting along well. I mean, we're talking like we haven't in forever. Not that this changes anything, but it makes me (and, I hope, him) feel better about the situation. And for once in my life, I think we'll be able to stay friends.

Which is that as of now, I am moving out in a month. I just received word that my application for an apartment in Campbell was approved. It was pretty much the only place I actually looked at, due to a successful combination of price ($700/month for a 413 sq. ft. studio, full kitchen, bath, and walk-in closet), location (two blocks from the Pruneyard, where I frequently find myself anyway, and 2.5 mi. from my office), and non-shittiness. So now I have a week to cough up $500 for a deposit and I can pay the pro-rated first month when I move in mid-December.

What's a better 24th birthday present than newfound independence?


Jana said...

Wow, Em, I am so impressed that you can nab, and afford, a $700 place on your own! Kick ass. I am looking at $500 places here in Seattle and cringing. I may be doomed to live in shared housing forever! But anyway, I am most impressed with your decisions and independent actions. I'm proud. Brava!

emily said...

$700 is considered cheap in these parts, unless you want to live in some roach-infested student hovel downtown or with potentially psycho roommates. It is also less than 1/3 of my gross monthly salary or something, which I guess is how you're supposed to figure this shit out. And, I doubt this will actually even out, but my commute will be tiny, and I'd like to start walking to work sometimes, so there should be gas and possibly insurance savings there.