Sunday, November 20, 2005

It's official.

I'm moving on Dec. 10. I need to make the arrangements for the truck and getting everything else set up (PG&E, Comcast, etc.), but I've got time. I have to pack and I have to figure out what I need. Anyway, it looks like my 24th birthday plans include nesting, and god knows I love to nest.

I signed the rental agreement and all accompanying forms yesterday. I'm going to rent a small truck for hopefully little money and get my stuff from Milpitas to Campbell in a few hours' time. The big shit is a couch, a bookcase, a gigantor TV and stand for gigantor TV, table/desk, plastic filing cabinet, 1 to 3 chairs, futon frame and mattress, and possibly the kitchen chopping block/cart thing. On their own, a few of these things could fit in my car, provided I made about a half-dozen trips. However, there are enough large items (couch, bookcase, possibly the futon frame) that merit a truck rental that I'm going to get them all at once. Much more economical.

I think I have enough pots and pans. I bought a cheap but surprisingly difficult to bend set of flatware at Ikea and I have probably enough dishes and glasses to hold me for awhile, until I want to get creative. I probably need more dish towels and I will definitely need a vacuum. I might replace my current desk for something more space-efficient and sturdy. I also need a coffee table, since I imagine when people come over to eat (which WILL happen now, at least for a handful of work lunches because I will be RIDICULOUSLY CLOSE), that's where it will happen. And I am certain I will need a few lamps and probably a shower curtain.

Yes, I am using my blog as a kind of scattered mental shopping list.

Kevin wants to give me the DVD-RW console because he never uses it; I have asked him to sell me the LCD I've been using for months, too.

I don't know. I am looking at money and I am going to be fucked really soon, but it will all work out after that. Plus I fixed my W-2 so I should get at least a meager tax refund. (I used some IRS calculator thing months ago that said I would owe money, and I am not having any of that. Did you know that if you don't make shit and you live alone and own nothing, despite what the W-2 worksheet might indicate, you shouldn't put down any deductions? Isn't that awesome?)

Anyway, what's going on? Today I need to finish cleaning the house in anticipation of Thanksgiving guests, watch some Netflix rentals so I can send them back, and eat food that is not from a restaurant, good lord.

I had a good day yesterday. Kevin helped me scrub some nasty shit in the kitchen, then I took off to sign the rental agreement and hung out with the Editor for the rest of the day, which is always awesome. We ate at Yiassoo, which is a DELICIOUS Greek fast-food-type Greek restaurant across the street from my new apartment--their pitas are handmade, always served warm and golden, and don't fucking fall apart like the pita pockets used at lesser establishments (*cough*Falafel's Drive-In*cough*); the falafel is up to snuff; the hot sauce is smoky and spicy and delicious and contains not a whiff of ketchup (*cough*). Then we watched Anchorman at his house because he was just horrified that I hadn't seen it already. But that was not enough laughter for one day, because then we went to see Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic at the Camera 12, which was so fucking hilarious it made me feel guilty and thoughtful.

Also, Entourage is pretty all right. "Let's hug it out, bitch" is classic.

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aja said...

i have also been fucked by that damned w-2 worksheet. they should really put a warning on them. OH BY THE WAY IF YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS YOU WILL OWE US LOTS OF MONEY COME APRIL. feh. :|