Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I spent Halloween doing some trick-or-treating of my own, except mine involved the exchange of cold, hard cash for electronics. That's right: I was buying a TV and a stereo receiver from guys who posted on Craigslist.

So I am now the proud owner of a 27" Panasonic TV/VCR/DVD combo unit, although the DVD player is broken, which is fine since I have a DVD player. I also drove up to Fremont and got a Pioneer stereo receiver, which has been verbally guaranteed to work and, hey, I know where he lives. I haven't set up any of this stuff yet, though, because that requires effort and I am tired.

I dressed up as a bunny in the office. I mean, I wore bunny ears and a puffball tail. There are pictures, which I will share with you as soon as someone sends them to me. A handful of other people did a much better job dressing up, though--my boss, the one who wears all black, all the time, wore an off-white vintage dress with big, gauzey belled sleeves that, with the right angle, are fairy wings; the guy who tells me I look like a bunny without the ears and tail wore a lot of spandex and called himself a Crime Fighter; one PM had a chicken costume. Awesome.

Now everyone is sick at work. My cold has been downgraded to low-level congestion and the occasional hack.

Only about three groups of trick-or-treaters rang my bell last night. I suspect I missed the bulk of them while I was getting the stereo. I even burned a copy of 26 Monster Songs for Children special for the kids! Oh, well. One strange thing did occur, though: someone left a big jack-o-lantern on the hood of my car, facing away from the street. The candle was burning and everything. They left the lid on my moonroof. I felt it was kind of ominous; the conclusion on #n00n was: "Cool!"

Is there any significance to an anonymously-gifted jack-o-lantern?


Julie said...

I think I side with #noon in that it's "cool". If the o'latern had been bashed in with a note that said "you", I'd be worried.

Jana said...

I want a copy of 26 Monster Songs for Children!!!!!