Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Stopgap measures.

I haven't blogged a lot lately. This is the opposite reaction to the breakup I thought I would have, but I don't know that it's an entirely bad thing. Well, not writing much is, I suppose.

I am tired as fuck today because last night I went to see Camper Van Beethoven in Santa Cruz. Thanks again to the Editor (do I even know anyone else anymore? well, yes, I do) for making sure I was well prepared to enjoy their set. There was much rocking out. Even Kevin came, which was out of character for him, but I think he is trying to change his character a little.

There was, of course, some traffic irritation in the form of the exit from Highway 85 to get onto Highway 17 was completely blocked off, so I had to take a little tour of West San Jose in the middle of the night and try not to get too lost before I could sleep, but I managed.

What else. Went to Santa Cruz on Sunday as well, this time just to visit the ocean, eat at Dharma's, and see Shopgirl. The Editor has magic powers, so we didn't pay for it, which was fortunate because the movie was awful, awful, awful. If pressed, I will go into further detail. Don't bother with this movie, even if you think you will like it, because it is boring, horribly written, horribly acted crap. And Steve Martin is lecherous and creepy. It may have soured me on future viewings of LA Story, that's how gross he was to me in this movie.

Okay, so you don't have to press for further detail.

On Saturday, I was going to hang out with my friend from work, but she got tied up following her roommate to every major shopping center in Silicon Valley, so I had an unusually pleasant evening with Kevin instead. We went to the wildlife refuge in Alviso again, which was quiet and stunning. There was one spot I think we could have lingered forever, it just felt so peaceful. We went to Ikea, where I bought some random crap for my future kitchen, then ate at Amarin Thai in Mountain View, which was delicious despite running out of brown rice.

My DVDs and TV shows are piling up: I only got through Veronica Mars season 1/disc 1 and Margaret Cho: Revolution over the weekend, but still have Live Flesh and Finding Neverland sitting here, as well as last night's Gilmore Girls and House and I'm taping tonight's America's Next Top Model and Veronica Mars. Plus, of course Netflix is sending more more stuff.

Thanksgiving is next week. I'll have to get cracking on the cleaning and food prep this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Please save last night's episode of House for me - I have misplaced my remote control and so I only had the wherewithall to tape GG. (We were also rocking out at an Edgar Meyer/Bela Fleck concert last night)
~the mom

Anonymous said...

I had to study, and couldn't go to a concert my friend had been bugging me to attend with him at the filmore. I feel left out.
Stupid art history.
-the sister

Paul Cannon said...

This comment is devoid of substance.

-The Paul

emily @ work said...

mom, if it taped correctly, i will certainly keep it around for you. i haven't checked the disc yet. how odd that we were all planning or did go to concerts last night!