Thursday, September 11, 2003

More Upcoming

So the new Quasi is definitely hot shit. Har har.

I wrote this big thing this morning with all the movies coming out I want to see, but Blogger has been upgrading, see, and since I just leave my Blogger page open and logged in, it ate it when I had to re-login. So you don't get that post right now, because I'm just getting back to the ol' blog here at work, and I didn't bring my dayplanner containing the list. I *could* look on again, sure, but we're closing in 30 minutes and that would be silly.

So you get nothing. NOTHING!!

You ask for everything and get shit. That's just how it goes.

Today is crazy shit. I mean, it's boring, but the world is crazy. You have Ashcroft doing his usual bullshit and Bush promoting the hell out of it too. You have the myriad "never forget" crap to commemorate the second anniversary of something really terrible. You have teachers on strike at the beginning of the school year. You have too many directions to look that you're hardly taking notice at all. Or maybe that's just me.

What the hell. I have nothing to say right now. I said it all on IRC already. People who talk to me on IRC already KNOW what is UP: Nothing. But we talked about it real good.

Happy birthday to everyone born this month. That's a shit-ton of people, by the way. You know who you are. And I do, too--even if I forget the exact dates.

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