Tuesday, September 09, 2003


Coming off the still-total-bummer of not seeing R.E.M. and Wilco last week, I went through an actual paper copy of the Stranger for concert listings and ads placed by clubs with all their listings. I found many things I must attend.

And I wrote them all in my dayplanner, because that's the kind of dork I am.

  • Friday, Sept. 12 Radio Nationals at the Tractor Tavern. Their set at Bumbershoot was fun. They are probably even more fun in a different setting that's not 12:30 in the afternoon.

  • Saturday, Sept. 13 Pleaseeasaur at the Sunset Tavern. Chris kept telling me what a crazy show they put on. Too bad he's out of town! He's out of town for a lot of good stuff and I kept saying so, not thinking about the whole thing, which made him go, "Awwww!" followed by Lauren mock-suggesting he just stay home. Ha ha. Also, today is Lindsay's birthday, I believe.

  • Tuesday, Sept. 23 The Long Winters at the Tractor Tavern. Kevin says they were better live than the CD. He didn't dig the horns. Ptooie. But they were good live.

  • Saturday, Oct. 4 Mountain Goats at the Tractor Tavern. Aja and Gabe are always talking about this band. I have only heard one song, but what the hell?

  • Monday or Tuesday, Oct. 6 or 7 Sex Mob at the Tractor Tavern. All the good shows are in Ballard now. Ha, ha. Um, Kevin likes this band, and I will go see just about any live show if Kevin would actually go with me since he is usually hesitant to see a lot of stuff I want to see. I would even see Tori Amos if he wanted. I went to see Guster with him once. I don't even particularly like Guster. I have more faith in a band with a name like Sex Mob.

  • Friday, Oct. 10 Quasi at the Crocodile Cafe. This band is so good. I think I will go pick up the new album on my way home--it's coming out today, as far as I know. We were right up in front to see them a few months ago at the Showbox, and it was excellent. Kevin and Josie should come with me.

  • Tuesday, Oct. 21 Guided by Voices at Graceland. I think they came through town about a year ago, just before I turned 21, and played a 21+ show I was upset I couldn't see.

  • Tuesday, Oct. 28 Hieroglyphics at the Showbox. Too bad I don't think any of my Seattle friends would go to a hip hop show with me.

  • Thursday, Oct. 30 Damien Rice at the Crocodile Cafe. Aron on #n00n recommended "O" to me, and it's pretty nice. I might have to check out this show.

  • Friday and Saturday, Nov. 21 and 22 Death Cab for Cutie at the Showbox. I'm sure this is all ages and will be packed full of emokiddies. I don't care. Death Cab for Cutie has thus far rocked me live twice and I look forward to the trend continuing. Also, they have a new album soon.

That's about it for now. Some bigger-name acts might come through at the Moore or the Paramount or something and I might drop big bucks to see them (as I did last year for Aimee Mann and Beth Orton, both of which were worth it), but this is what's on my calendar for now.

Anyone up for a show?

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