Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Strange Dreams

I had a restless night. I've been suffering from allergies (it's nearing time for an annual check-up; I'll get a prescription soon) and kept having weird dreams.

If you don't like reading about other peoples' dreams, stop right there. I know it can be dull sometimes, but I just wanted to write this down.

There were two distinct dreams. One had multiple parts. I'm not even sure what the order was.

One dream was about me and a few friends of mine. I think Graylan and Lindsay were the friends, but it wasn't absolutely clear. One friend (the Lindsay-like one) had been swimming at dusk in this huge lake by an abondoned highway or train tracks and caught a giant salmon. She just picked it up and it opened its mouth. In its mouth was a rock about the size of a plum, which Lindsay then ate. Then the fish swam away and Lindsay realized eating the rock meant something bad would happen to her insides. I remember her telling me, in a terrified voice, that she didn't want to die from a giant spider inside her. Anyway, it wasn't a spider, but a weird bone-like structure did grow around her torso, with a little piece poking out in the middle of her spine. Then, for some reason, both Graylan and I had the same affliction. We knew we had to get operated on to get it out. It was all very weird and sinister.

The other dream or dream sequence was somewhat more comical. First it was black-and-white documentary-type footage about the Manhattan Project and how the scientists involved were living in secret locations that were specially protected throughout New York City. A pair of would-be assassins were casing an apartment at the top of the Empire State Building, looking for Einstein's dwelling. Upon seeing inside, it was just a young couple, amused that someone would be sneaking around so high up.

Then I was inside that apartment, one of a gaggle of children around Halloween. Several of us--but not all--had managed to swindle a million pieces of Halloween candy from a contest gone awry, and we kept discussing how to keep the candy a secret. But then I thought these younger kids overheard and would tell on us. There were some capers and whatnot later in the dream, but I don't remember them. I think I also had another dream, if not last night then the night before, that a similar thing had happened only with $1 million instead of candy and over some kind of football contest.

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