Tuesday, July 01, 2003

I Want to Rock and Roll All Night

Yes. Prize for #1 Most Overused KISS lyric...

The new Gossip LP arrived in the mail yesterday, along with my other KRS orders of a neat-o 7" (also featuring the Gossip) and Xiu Xiu's A Promise CD and some random Gossip promo material (button, b&w photo mini-poster, sticker). There was a big pink poster enclosed with the record itself. I mailed the sticker to my sister and have thus far listened to the record twice. I like it. Beth Ditto sounds somewhat different--more mature, maybe--and the music is a bit less melodic, but still so fierce, strong, commanding, sensual.

So, hi. I slept. I am now Awake. Everything is the same, except I now want to see all of 28 Days Later when it comes out on video. I'm hoping setting will mitigate anxiety. I keep reading about it (this helps, really--no one else was so freaked out by it) and am actually intrigued. And feeling super wussy for being freaked out.

I have plans to see the 2:20 matinee of Winged Migration with Kevin tomorrow at the Egyptian. I hope he is awake by then. Usually he sleeps all day. He has said he will be, though, and he is not allowed to break promises. He also said he is interested in the movie, which may be partially because I told him: "You WILL see this with me," and partially because it looks fucking cool. I think he will enjoy it. I think I will enjoy it. And since it's just two hours of birds flying over stuff, there will be nothing to freak me out.

I also need to interview a woman who teaches weightlifting at the downtown Y for the NW Asian Weekly. I know I've mentioned this before, but I finally tried to contact her this morning. The operator took a message for me and said she's out today. So, rats. Her next class is early Thursday morning, so if I want to talk to her students, I guess I'll have to get up early. Rats, again. But this will all be sorted out after I actually talk to her, which sounds like it won't be 'till tomorrow. And there are rumors of story requests (numbering eight, coincidentally the number in our class) floating around the newslab, which I'll have to check out after work tonight.

The Haremites seem to have descended (via e-mail) upon Tuesdays at our house as an Official Unofficial Gathering Time, which I hope changes when they realize: (1) I work until 7 and don't get home until closer to 8, and, (2) Chris has an astronomy class that consumes his evenings, except maybe Thursdays. However, I think the only people around are Josie and Jesse, so it probably doesn't matter. They can come over and hang out and I don't even have to entertain them, really, though we'll probably talk. Mi casa es su casa, as the saying goes.

I'm trying to organize a little trip to the beach house for the weekend of July 11-13. This is the only free weekend I know of this month. So far only Jana and Josie have signed on, so if anyone reads this who didn't get an email and would like to be included, leave a comment. I can get you on the "people who want to do things with Emily" email list. Heh.

As far as I know, though, no one reads this thing who doesn't know me already.

Time to find "interesting" things in the two local dailies for show and tell tomorrow.

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