Monday, July 14, 2003

A Whole New Reason to Whine

I will tell you all about my skippity-doo-dah adventures in Seaside with Haremites in a moment, but first: It's whiny-time.

I have the worst sunburn ever. On Friday, Josie and I sat out in the sun for several hours, reading on the beach. It was so nice. But then, the badness came.

Josie didn't wear any sunblock, save for her face, because it would just turn into tan in a few days. She had impressive red bikini lines all over, but most amusing was the line about her collarbone from the straw hat she used to cover her face as she slept. Hee.

I slathered my body in 45 spf waterproof and sweatproof sunblock--and yes, I have heard that anything over 15 spf is essentially useless; I don't care--and wore jeans and a tshirt. I thought I would be fine. I was wrong. I'd rolled up my jeans to just below my calves. The one place I didn't apply sunblock.

And the one place I got a terrible sunburn.

It came on slowly. The first day, we got aloe and tended to our poor skin, but it was nothing truly unpleasant. When I woke up the next morning, however, it was difficult to walk because the skin was so stiff. It stung when sheets or pants touched the burn. Hot water running down my leg in the shower caused me to wince. It felt better only when walking around or sitting with the legs not touching anything.

Yesterday, it was much the same, but then I spent around five hours driving home. Apparently the rigidity required of me to drive didn't agree with the burn, so my ankles started to swell. Then I discovered a tiny blister on my left leg.

At this point, I was trying anything. Jen's mom suggested holding a rag soaked in vinegar against it. Everyone asked me if I had aloe. I tried wet socks, a baggy full of ice wrapped in a wet tshirt, other goos. Kevin drove all over town looking for a place that was open and selling Solarcaine or some other product Chris recommended. He ended up with some calendula gel from Fred Meyer which was about as effective as the aloe and also hurt to apply. (This is the only time in years I've thought it might be remotely beneficial to actually shave my legs, but the thought of dragging a razor across tight, sunburnt skin is not a pleasant one. Let's not even think about waxing. *shudder*)

Bartell's and Rite Aid don't open until 8, and I had to be at work at 7:30. So here I am, still in pain. I'm wearing my pirate skirt, since it's long (i.e., the hem won't constantly irritate the burn) and flowy, so it's probably better than pants. Feet are still a bit swollen, though perhaps less so. And I can't get aloe until after class.


So anyway, enough whining, more talk of the pleasant. I had an enjoyable weekend otherwise. Josie and I drove to Seaside Thursday night after I got off work. Josie insisted we stop at DQ on the way and bought me a dipped cone. Mom was still there, and it was good to see her. We spent Friday relaxin': readin' on the beach--I read all of Will Ferguson's Happiness, which was fricking hilarious--shoppin' for aloe and sunglasses at the Rite Aid, searchin' for a particularly tempting sweets shop and buyin' saltwater taffy assortments, and watchin' Addams Family Values until Jana, Shane, and Lindsay finally showed up around 11.

I would like to note, for the record, that Friday was absolutely gorgeous.

seaside on friday: sunny

On Saturday, Lindsay woke up before the rest of us and took a run on the beach. It was beautiful. Also, I discovered I was right about the PMS thing.

By the time we'd rallied the troops to go outside and make a sandcastle, things had taken a turn.

seaside on saturday: gray and windy. also, lindsay

As you can see, Lindsay is digging a hole against an ominous gray backdrop of sky, waves, and fear.

jana and shane

Jana didn't think much of the weather, either, but Shane hid his true feelings under a whiny exterior.

But we managed to build a lovely sand castle anyway. Four young adults trying to play is an odd thing.

hall of the mountain king!

After that, we decided a trip to Cannon Beach was in order. We took two cars the 10 miles down 101, drove around downtown and found no parking except for the street right by where we originally got off the highway. By this time, we were starving and ate at the nearest restaurant: the new and semi-upscale Clark's. They had a surprisingly good selection of vegetarian items, much to our delight. I had a sandwich on foccacia with portobello mushroom, cheese, bell peppers, and onions that was supposed to be like a Philly cheesesteak. And the fries. Oh, they were good fries. Unh.

When we walked outside, we could feel the sprinkling.

We drove through town and parked on a gravel road by some beach access near Haystack Rock. It was still sprinkling and very windy. Josie, Shane, and Lindsay tossed a frisbee around, to comical ends in such wind.


Shane and I both thought the dark gray clouds approaching from the south and the increasingly heavy rain were signs of a good time to make our escape, so we all did. The afternoon was spent watching Liar, Liar instead. Then everyone wanted to go downtown and play, so we walked. I broke off and sat in Pacific Bento for awhile, sipping a mediocre latte and writing, before going home. They stayed out for quite awhile longer, apparently playing at the arcades and amusements and buying fudge. Yum.

When everyone got back, it was dinner time. We grilled burgers (garden and beef), toasted multigrain buns, made salad, and prepared garlic bread. Much deliciousness was consumed and everyone was full.

They played card games for a spell before Shane had to start heading home. We bid him adieu and packed up the wagon to make a bonfire on the beach.

The weather, of course, had failed to improve significantly, but now it was dark in addition. Confident we could still create fire against such odds, we dug a pit and began striking matches.

After about half a box of matches igniting and immediately blowing out, Josie and Lindsay walked to the nearest bonfire and asked for their secret. Jana and I mock-warmed our hands over the pit and said we didn't need a bonfire. Josie and Lindsay returned with a big bottle of lighter fluid and began gathering rocks to build a wall against the wind.

Eventually a fire was started, but it took a very long time to get going. Josie had to ask me to stop calling it "pathetic."

bonfire in the wind

But it did happen, and we toasted marshmallows to our bliss and covered the fire in sand and went home before too long.

Josie and Lindsay, despite their longings, decided not to go swimming in the ocean at night.

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