Wednesday, July 16, 2003

One More Try

Holy shit. I've figured out why things are so fucked up!

I've got a blister about four inches long and an inch and a half wide on either leg. A big, sallow, yellow blister.

the best i could do

I know this looks like an angry Scotsman falling down the stairs, but really, that is my leg--you cannot shave burnt skin; it will make the baby Jesus cry--and the speckly oblong doodle should point out the blister. Which I could not capture well. With the flash, it made the burn look insignificant and the blister nonexistant; without, there is blur. So, enjoy the angry falling Scotsman blur.

The swelling has begun to go down, however. I am going to go to the Buffalo Exchange after class in hopes of finding a pair of clogs or mules or whatever they're called that are closed-toe shoes with no back. That would be heavenly. I can't wear these damned flip-flops forever.

In other news, Christine was heading home as of yesterday, so the entire country better give her a big welcome home. Yay for Christine!

Time now for coffee and class.

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