Monday, June 23, 2003

Another Day, Another Bunch Of Digital Photos

I came to the conclusion last night that my camera does best with shots unlike the ones I was trying to take at Gasworks at dusk. Surprise, surprise. Nevertheless, some things didn't look too terrible, and a few of these appear below.

Here are some clouds. Aren't they lovely.

the money shot
This is the Money Shot. I (heart) tagging.

kevin and the hidden moon
You can't see it, but Kevin? Is cute. I was trying to get a nicely framed shot and stuff, but I suck and my camera sucks, so it's just a picture.

This just looks weird. It's looking up through a wirey metal cylinder on the side of a big, rusty piece of the gasworks. It looks grainy and dark like it's underwater, though, instead of staring up at the sky.

view from the benches and trashbins on sundial hill
It's so nice and symmetrical. And strangely not blurry.

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