Friday, June 27, 2003

Something Positive

With regards to a certain doubting Thomas paragraph the other day, three things have happened in the past couple days that have helped restore my faith in the practical merits of this country.

One, the Supreme Court struck down the Texas sodomy law. Now if states want to outlaw anal sex, they have to outlaw it for EVERYONE. Fair and equal fascism.

Two, Strom Thurmond kicked the bucket. Is it wrong to celebrate someone's death? Probably. But even, well, everyone over at Three-Way Action seems to agree with the sentiment. And they're good, decent, reasonable people for the most part.

Three, the National Do Not Call Registry. You can sign up today to make it illegal for most telemarketers to contact you (as of October). That is way fucking cool.

Today has been my first Friday Off. I grabbed a story assignment from newslab last night--I'll be writing about weightlifting for the Northwest Asian Weekly, heh. Odd request, but hey. Shouldn't be obscenely difficult. And it should be my first story in print, ever. Today I sat around until noon before showering and talked to my mom, who told me she wasn't, in fact, counting on my old apartment's deposit to cover July's rent, so I'm not totally fucking broke. Yay! Kevin came over later and we had some couscous-spinach-tomato salad at Magnuson Park before sitting on the beach at Carkeek for awhile. We went to dinner at Cedar's, which was crowded and our table was right in the way of every overzealous waiter in the place. It's really not necessary to refill my water glass after I take one sip, guys, and when you have four people ask you in the span of a minute if you'd like a box for your leftovers, you know things are a tad insane.

Tomorrow my mom might be coming up and will bring my cellphone charger and a new pair of jeans, hurrah! But now, I must go "distract" Kevin from his silly wireless internet concerns. And scratch the myriad bug bites/mild sunburns I've incurred.

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