Thursday, June 26, 2003

The New Blogger!

Shit. I wrote a post yesterday at about 11am, which is the same fucking time Blogger took everything down to upgrade to the new and improved Blogger. They had migrated at least one of my blogs over to this interface awhile ago, but now I guess they all are. Anyway, it doesn't appear to affect the layout of my blog itself at all, but the interface is shiny and new, so yay. The box for entry text is actually filling its designated space in Mozilla now, which it did not in the previous version, so I'm happy.

Also, everyone who is bored and likes to do stupid internet tricks that involve creating profiles and divulging personal information for the sake of "meeting people" on the intarchatweb, whatever the hell that means, should go to Friendster. If you let me know you're there, send me the email address and name combo you used and I can ask you to be My Friend.

Really, it's quite amusing to log in and see things like, "Aja is Your Friend" with a big picture of a ham that says "talk to the ham." Well, in that case, the avatar is a mitigating factor, but the point remains. So many capitalized words. So much funny. Spread the wealth of your Personal Network!

Eee. I spend way too much time on the intarchatweb.

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