Tuesday, June 24, 2003

You're Happy Because of the Lovely Way Sunshine Bends

Just got back from seeing L'Auberge Espagnole with Chris, Julie, and Julie's friend Christine (apologies to *the* Christine). Cute flick. Audrey Tautou is misused, but otherwise quite enjoyable.

Josie got back from South Carolina yesterday and I had her come over for dinner. She brought pierogies and I had fixings for a mixed greens-raspberry vinaigrette-bleu cheese-pecan salad, so she made the salad and I cooked the pierogies. We hung out for an hour or so, lingering over our dinner and harassing Chris, who hates his French class after only the first day.

Chris has been especially prolific today with insane and humorous remarks in his sheer frustration with the foreign language requirement. I managed to write a few of them on the white board in our dining room--which is proving to be a fertile hanging-out ground--and should be sneaking them onto the Harem quote blog sometime soon.

I left my cellphone charger at the beach house. If not there, it's missing somewhere else. At any rate, the battery is discharged, so I have to call out from the landline to check messages and whatnot. Not that anyone calls me, of course.

These are all paragraphs of stupid, pointless little stories. This blog is informational and not interesting. It's bothering me. I want to do some actual writing. Maybe I will do more as the quarter drags on and my newslab involvement picks up. I can do better than this.

Today I am mildly obsessed with the Loose Fur record and have an inkling of desire for an ice cream sundae, but there is no chocolate syrup in the house. How can this be?

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