Thursday, June 26, 2003

Photoblog, Part the Third

Kevin decided last night that curry would be good beach food.

I was just going to make myself some dinner as soon as I got unlazy enough to drag myself from the bedroom and down to the kitchen in my post-work stupor, but no. I insisted that I couldn't afford to eat out, as I am low on funds and rent is due in a week. True. So Kevin offered to pay for takeout, a rarity.

sunset at carkeek with curry takeout
We took our generous Thai-ger Room portions of green and red curry with tofu, still steaming hot, to the beach at Carkeek Park. We arrived at sunset, which was just stunning last night, as you can see.

Oh, yes. It was lovely. Let's see it again.
carkeek sunset

So we sat on the rocks, eating out curry and watching the lovely scenery for a long while. The popular activity of the day was throwing sticks. Everyone from lovebirds to two-year-olds with their dads were throwing large sticks into the Sound.

We walked over to another part of the beach and Kevin told me how much he disliked this Phish bootleg he bought for $10 that all the fans said was awesome and I went off on how much I dislike Phish, the same way I dislike, say, Dave Matthews Band and Barenaked Ladies (hello, audience alienation!). Then a park official announced the park was closing in ten minutes, so we had to leave.

Dusk had only begun to set in, and it was 10 p.m.

kevin's music room
We went to Kevin's house for a bit, where he made me listen to some songs he'd recently recorded and I took pictures in his music room. He looks strangely dark and red the way my camera recorded the shots.

Now I should start thinking about what the fuck I'm going to write for newslab this week. I am thinking of asking the Daily if they'd be interested in a story about intensive language courses the UW offers every summer. Chris just dropped his French series in favor of astronomy classes because he hated it so much, and it sounds like these supposedly introductory classes are geared towards kids who already have some experience in the language, which seems unfair.

At any rate, I'm glad I'm just taking newslab this summer, and that I never had to take a language in college.

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