Sunday, June 29, 2003

How I Killed My Saturday

I have been relaxing to the maxing over my first regular three-day weekend. On Friday, I didn't get my ass into the shower until around noon. Then there was the fun of parks and sunsets and dinner and other assorted happiness.

I watched Lost in La Mancha yesterday morning. It's a documentary of the (un)making of Terry Gilliam's version of Don Quixote. What a sad tale.

My mom brought Paul to Seattle for a lesson yesterday afternoon, so of course his girlfriend, Sarah, tagged along, as did Koko. Mom and Koko met me at the mall downtown, where we spent an hour lounging around the food court. The dude working at Thomas Cook tried to hit on Koko but backed off when she showed him her engagement ring. When she told my mom and I about that, I got angry. It wasn't the first time some random American male has hit on her, and I am halfway sure they wouldn't dare pull that shit on American girls. It's taking advantage, and it's fucked. Mom suggested we find a big guy to escort her back in there and pretend to be her fiance. I said we should go talk to the manager and tell him it's inappropriate for employees to hit on someone trying to do business there. Koko said it was fine and we didn't do anything.

We walked over to the building where Paul's lesson was to get Paul and Sarah--some excessively fancy apartments--and tried to get to the U District so Paul could see my house. First mom got confused on the freeway onramp and went south, then she decided northbound traffic was crawling and we'd just take surface streets. I helped navigate across the freeway and down Broadway to Roy to Harvard to Eastlake and finally back to the U District. We saw all the artifacts of a jubilant gay pride weekend along Broadway, but weren't sure if the parade was yesterday or today.

I showed Koko, Paul, and Sarah the house--realizing when we got to my room that not only was it a bit messy, but certain items they just shouldn't see were out in plain sight. Paul and Sarah were starving, and Paul wanted to go to the Continental--guess he liked it more than he let on when mom and I took him there before. I told Sarah to try to grilled feta sandwich, which she later told me she thought was quite good. While they ate, mom and I waited for Koko to browse every rack of shirts in the Buffalo Exchange, which is quite possibly the most fucking boring secondhand shop ever. At least for me. They have no clothing that fits me, ever. Large is size 12, not 14. Hi, I wear a 14 at best, and I know I'm not the biggest girl in this neighborhood. We were soooo bored. Mom convinced Koko browsing time was done, and announced she was going to go visit the kids at the restaurant. I offered to take Koko to a few other shops on the block, at least one of which we both liked a lot but didn't buy anything. Koko said she'd come back--their stuff wasn't good going-to-Mexico gear.

All five of us went to the Mix for ice cream, although Paul and Sarah were full of delicious Greek food (including baklava, mmm) and didn't want any. Koko declared that there should be a place like it in Japan, and mom countered that it should hire more attentive workers. (The Mix employees are whiny and dumb, usually. They used to have a big fuck-you message about tipping on the chalkboard by the register.) After that, we spent about half an hour in Nanoo's, this little secondhand record shop that is chock full of good and reasonably priced vinyl, CDs, videos, and DVDs. Then they all went home. Aww.

Chris made plans with Julie to go to the Sunset Tavern for a punkrock show, so around 8, Chris, Lauren, and I bussed to Ballard and walked to Ross and Julie's apartment. We hung out at a coffee shop pre-show, sipping caffienated iced beverages in an effort to combat simultaneous sleepiness and heat. In my case, it didn't help much. I left after the first band, Sexy American Girlfriend, which was a pretty rockin' 80s punk/new wave cover band, because it was hot and smoky in the place and I was tired and hurting. I only put up with hot, tired, hurting, and smoky for shows I have some purpose for being at, and having spent $7 isn't quite enough purpose for me.

Today I went grocery shopping with my housemates and cleaned out the fridge. Chris, Margaret, and I are going to see 28 Days Later tonight--Josie got $0.40 employee-discount passes for Chris and I--because zombie movies by the director of Trainspotting can't be all bad. We are also planning to eat at Agua Verde. Here's hoping it's actually open.

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