Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Blooger Schnooger Hunh?

I always start typing "blooger" when I mean to type "blogger." I think I like "blooger" better, but it wouldn't resolve the same way.

Christine has extended her stay through at least Thursday. Hurrah! This means tomorrow night we meet Josie in Wallingford for dinner.

Speaking of Josie, she might end up living here after all. The Peace Corps has apparently deigned it necessary that she have her wisdom teeth removed to avoid any medical emergencies whilst she is away. Since her tentative date of departure is Oct. 1, this could be a problem. She confided that she might actually prefer to put off the Peace Corps for a few months, since having her wisdom teeth out and visiting her mom and moving back to Portland for a month during finals week does not a pleasant sendoff make.

So we've got all kinds of roommate shake-ups and shake-downs. Jen has said she doubts she and her dorm roomie will want to remain in the house, particularly over winter, which will inevitably expensive and drafty. If Josie comes aboard, we only need to find one more roommate (at least until Josie actually leaves with the Peace Corps, which will be a few months later). If she doesn't, we'll need to find two. And they'll probably be strangers. That'll be superfun. Petty thieves and inconsiderate slobs, beware! Chris and I will beat you with our 2x4 of passive aggression!

Hey, really, what is the college experience without at least one terrible roommate? I haven't had any...yet. Chris has, though, so maybe that will be enough to let us ride out the bad in favor of the tolerable.

Yeah, am I capable of having an entire entry with a single focus? No. Time to shift gears.

I fried up a thinly-sliced baby eggplant in some olive oil for lunch. Eggplant is one of the best things ever. I put it on two slices of crusty sourdough bread and baked it with a dollop of marinara and a small handful of the Mediterranean cheese blend. Ohh, yummy.

My prof said of Christine's story: "I've never read a story with so many interior quotes, but at least you punctuated them correctly."

I'm trying to figure out if there will be beachiness this weekend. It sounds like Becky isn't up for the mother-daughter trip proposed by my mom, so that's probably out. I could probably get together a last-minute bunch from the Harem to leave Thursday or Friday. Kevin said he might come if he doesn't end up going to Yellowstone to meet his dad, his dad's girlfriend, and her two kids--which he doesn't really seem to want to do anyway, seeing as it's a long drive and he'd have to go alone, then not do the things he'd plan to do or spend much time with just his dad. Or so he thinks. But I'm staying out of that one.

I've been researching some of my other stories. The more I research, the more I find my angle to be unfocused. It's quite frustrating. My ideas are very general, and without an audience in mind, the angle is even more difficult to imagine. So I guess I'll have to pick an audience, then an angle. If your audience is too general, many of these stories vanish from the news hole, and along with them any semblance of confidence I have in myself as a journalistic writer.

I find myself missing my n00n friends, though not in the sense that I want to find a week of vacation in which to go to Arizona. It just makes the world seem too large and the Internet silly.

Everyone else seems to be doing good writing lately. Chris has a new website writing project at EmptyCupboard.com that, if his first piece is any indication, sounds very exciting. People are doing lots of cool and interesting things and some are writing about them (i.e., Graylan). I feel very boring and unfocused in comparison. I mean, when your journal entries stretch for weeks and consist of "I don't know what to write about. Here is something I saw that irritated me. Let's make a mountain out of a molehill. Food is good, whee!" that's not a good sign that you're doing anything you love. I can't get up the passion to do anything, but I'm not bitterly unhappy, so I guess I'll muddle through until it's more convenient to do something radical.

Heh. Convenient radicalism. Oxymoron, much?

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