Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Things That Make You Go...

What the fuck?! Taco Bell takes its own kind of California recall election poll.


I openly admit that hearing about the goddamn recall vote, oh, CONSTANTLY on every fucking media outlet annoys me. I mean, yes, it's interesting and pathetic and all that, and oooh look, celebrities are running, but hi, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK. I don't live in California. In fact, my own state is going to be electing a governor in the next year (the normal way, I might add), and there has been less coverage of candidates for that in local media than of the stupid California recall.

I guess I could care in the sense that it may signal doom for the right and natural way of the electoral process. That it's total bullshit. That it might forever change the way candidates for any public office campaign--they are constantly running for re-election. That it's just another example of how most major media outlets hardly carry anything truly newsworthy or even cater it to the news hole of their *local* constituents.

But after the first week and the first few editorials, I didn't care anymore. And no matter how much you like Arnold "The Govenator" Schwartzenegger, neither should you.

Actually, scratch that, if you like Ahhh-nold that much, I don't care about you.

But the Taco Bell thing. This is just idiotic.

So Arnold is among the most cheap and popular menu items--perhaps very appropriate. Gray Davis is something that, according to anecdotal knowledge, no one I know ever orders (feel free to correct me). Everyone else running is an item that's enjoying heavy commercial promotion right now. D'ya think that sways the poll just a tad?

I'm sure they're not intending this to be a scientific poll in the least, but for some reason? I don't like it when fast food giants begin espousing political bullshit. Something about that just stinks.

But hey. It's California. The state my boyfriend's from and the state where my sister now lives. But not me.

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