Wednesday, August 27, 2003


So we totally have the Jen replacement. Her name is Stephanie. She walked in and we immediately clicked, all of us. I think the Harem will enjoy her.

Got to see Lindsay for quesadillas and dinner, Josie's moved most of her stuff in, and my old friend Annie (whom I've known since FIRST FRICKIN' GRADE) came by with her friend, who was also interested in the place.

I felt kind of rude when--since they arrived as Stephanie was leaving, and we were all pretty excited about S.--at the end of their visit, after the tour and everything, I explained how we'd really clicked with S. and it was our hope that we'd have sort of a community atmosphere at the house and it didn't seem like the friend was especially intrigued, and she said she understood. I was very apologetic for my bluntness, but it was still just that: blunt.

Now for the real fun of calling the world traveler and delivering the bad news, as she called this afternoon saying she wanted the room. Aieee. I am kind of afraid of my penchant for being honest in this conversation, as outright saying, "we didn't click; we clicked with this other girl" sounds unnecessarily rude. I can't go with "well, she said she wanted it first," because that's not the truth. But we're not operating on a first-come, first-served basis here, are we?

She called while S. was here. I told her we were interviewing other people tonight and I'd call with my decision tomorrow. I think she might know from that. But you never know. People don't always over-analyze.

I'm thinking of going with either (a) the polite truth: "S. can commit to a full year, which works out better for us," or (b) the bald-faced lie: "A friend of a friend really needed a place, so I had to give it to her." The latter would have been true had we offered it to Annie's friend, but it's not true. So anyway.

S. is rad. How exciting. I didn't think we'd be so lucky. At least, it sounds lucky right now.

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