Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Politics and Religion

I'm not afraid to talk.

Sometimes I don't; sometimes I don't have what I feel formulated into a rational expression of opinion. But I'm not afraid to say what I think once I've had the chance to think it.

You know this about me. For some reason, I don't think of myself as quite as opinionated as everyone I know seems to think I am; maybe it's simply because I believe my opinions are just that--opinions--and as such are always subject to change. Just that when I get comfortable around people, I don't feel too insecure about actually expressing them.

Last night, I was flipping through the huge issue of Vogue that arrived for Margaret and commenting aloud about its various absurdities. Kevin asked why I was getting so mad. Hee.


This week's Tablet has a politics essay defending the Green vote. It says what I think, more or less, about why I'm less than gung-ho in supporting any Democrat in the upcoming presidential election and why it's wrong to say Nader ruined the last one for Gore. I voted for Nader. It was a vote of no confidence. I didn't think things would be this bad, and that's why I'm considering voting Dem at all. It's not that I think the Greens are so fantastic, it's that the Dems are so not, and it is such bullshit to say they are. Green was simply a way to vote that pooled progressives' collective loathing for the increasing centrism of the mainstream Dems.

Ptooie on the two-party system, says I. But it's a fact of life. Anyway, I'm conflicted.

Here's a story about religion that Aja sent me: Apparently, some Bible publishers are trying to make it more appealing to youngsters by publishing Bibles that have content like Cosmogirl. Quizzes! Q&As! Stuff about boys! And (inner) beauty tips! Hooray!

Which would be fine and all, whatever, except for this:

Revolve and similar efforts typically emphasize aspects of Christianity that might appeal to teenagers' attitudes. They describe Jesus as a radical who was not afraid to challenge mainstream society.

The content, however, hews to conservative Christian values on subjects like homosexuality and women's deference to men.

In one hypothetical question and answer, a girl asks, "How do you tell a friend that's your crush that you're into him without ruining your friendship?" Revolve counsels her: "You don't. Sorry. … God made guys to be the leaders. That means that they lead in relationships."

Jesus was a radical...but not a feminist? Hello? What the fuck 1950s bullshit attitude about the sexes are they pushing here?

I really can't say anything more about that beyond: "What the fuck?"

It's definitely a day of that.

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